How to Find Data & Company Connections in Any Country

Did you know that Russian financial-industrial groups include more than 3,800 companies from Russia and other countries? And that it is crucial to find company connections and data among their counterparties to exclude the presence of a toxic "Russian trace"? We'll reveal the details of searching for company data and checking it for reliability.

Where to Search for Counterparty Company Data

Company data search is carried out in the data registries available in every country. Such registries are automated databases and data processing systems on persons, property, and documents. You can find company data and trace its connections to other companies and individuals there.

Searching for company data can become more complicated in international cooperation. If you cooperate with a foreign counterparty, you may not have access to its country's registries. In addition, even within the same country, the legal and financial company data can be hidden through indirect connections, fake beneficiaries, offshore zones, etc. Therefore, you need to know precisely which company data to search for.

What Company Data Should Be Checked When Cooperating

In particular, it is the responsibility of compliance and risk managers to search for company data on this list:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Type of Activity;
  • Date of establishment;
  • Amount of share capital;
  • Number of employees;
  • Certification standard;
  • Contact information, etc.

In addition to these underlying data, regular AML and KYC operations also involved checking company connections and links with politically exposed persons and those on sanctions lists. In the meantime, due to Russian aggression, it has become evident that the country of doing business is an immediate compliance threat. Now, checking companies' connections and sanctions is imperative for compliance.

Use the YC World tool, which simplifies, speeds up, and makes it more efficient to find company connections and data globally.

How to Find Company Connections and Data Online on the YC World system

YC World (ex. RuAssets) is a product of Ukrainian IT company YouControl. The tool operates based on open data, contains a complete database of legal entities and individuals of the CiS countries, and discovers even the most hidden connections of businesses and individuals through chains of intermediaries. The system has automatic transliteration, which reduces the probability of errors to almost zero.

Register as a user on the YC World website to find company data and connections by enter the company name or ID. The system allows to search for insights, build and visualise business connections between companies and individuals from the CIS countries and the UK.

The tool operates based on open data, contains the complete database from more than 100 sources, and checks legal entities and individuals on more than 50 international sanctions lists.

The data is updated daily according to changes in the registries and lists. Therefore, you can rely on the business verification tool, avoid dangerous connections, protect your enterprise, and cooperate only with reliable and verified companies.